Publication 223 Revision: Directives and Forms Update

Effective immediately, Publication 223, Directives and Forms Catalog, is revised to include current information for the items noted in this article. See Publication 223 for com­plete information.

Information on how to order directives and forms is available in chapter 1 of Publication 223.

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n HBK MS-271-VOL-A, Dual Pass Rough Cull-Control Modification (DPRC-CM), System/Maintenance Information.

n KIT 55, Fuel Conservation Kit.

n MI AS-730-2012-1, Management of Printed Materials Inventory.

n MI FM-310-2012-3, Transfer of Management Official at Post Offices, Stations, and Branches.

n MI PO-530-2012-3, Highway Contract Route Late Slip Reconciliation and Payment.

n MOP FI-09-01-2012, Policy Memo Statistical Pro­grams Letter #1, Fiscal Year (FY) 2013.

n PS 3210, Receipt for Stamp Stock Submitted for Redemption.

n PS 4004-C, Customized Packaging Business Case.

n PS 4004-SP, Specialized Packaging Order Form.

n PS 4830-AIF, BRM Hold Placard Insufficient Funds.

n PS 4830-C, BRM Hold Placard Mail Invoiced.

n PS 4830-D, BRM Hold Placard Mail Not Invoiced.

n PS 6001, Application for CAPS Account.

n PS 6002, Accounts and Services to Be Paid Through CAPS.

n PS 6003, CAPS Electronic Funds Transfer Authoriza­tion Agreement.

n PS 8676-APP, Approved Shipper Rights and Permis­sions Application.

n PS 8677-EDDM, Every Door Direct Mail Rights and Permissions Application.


n HBK AS-805, Information Security.

n HBK MS-174-VOL-A, Identification Code Sort (ICS) System, Background Information.

n HBK MS-174-VOL-B, Identification Code Sort (ICS) System, Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-179, Automated Airline Assignment (AAA), System/Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-192-VOL-A, Robotic Containerization Sys­tem (RCS), System Information.

n HBK MS-192-VOL-B, Robotic Containerization Sys­tem (RCS), Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-192-VOL-C, Robotic Containerization Sys­tem (RCS), Reference Information.

n HBK MS-193-VOL-AP1, Robotic Tray Handling Sys­tem (RTHS), Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-223, Automatic Flats Tray Lidder (AFTL).

n HBK MS-227-VOL-A, High-Speed Label Applicator (HSLA) System, Background Information.

n HBK MS-227-VOL-B, High-Speed Label Applicator (HSLA) System, Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-240-VOL-A, Automatic Tray Sleever II (ATS II), System Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-242, Enhanced Airline Assignment (EAA).

n HBK MS-244, Tag Blaster (Dedicated and Universal Configurations).

n HBK MS-272-VOL-A, Automated Parcel Bundle Sorter (APBS), Maintenance Information.

n HBK MS-295, Automatic Tray Sleever Upgraded (ATSU).

n HBK PO-508, Intra-Alaska Mail Service by Air: Instructions for Certificated Air Carriers and Bypass Mail.

n LAB 100, Nonstandard Size Surcharge.

n MAN ELM, Employee and Labor Relations Manual.

n NOT 107, Let’s Keep the Mail Safe.

n NOT 128, The Safety of the Mail Is Everyone’s Responsibility.

n POS 37, Is Your Package Safe to Mail?

n PUB 133, What You Need to Know About EEO.

n PUB 296, CPU Marketing Brochure (“There’s a Busi­ness Hiding Inside Your Business”).

n PUB 308, Know Your Rights: A Guide for Victims and Witnesses of Crime.

n PUB 613, Shipping International Packages: A step-by-step guide to customs documentation and ship­ping internationally.

n PS 1260, Non-Electronic Badge Reader Card.

n PS 1412, Daily Financial Report.

n PS 2570, EEO Dispute Resolution Specialist’s (DRS) Inquiry Report.

n PS 3606, Certificate of Bulk Mailing.

n PS 3959, Stamp Stock Transactions and Daily Recap.

n PS 4241, Rural Delivery Statistics Report.

n PS 4241-M, Rural Route Evaluation Worksheet.

n PS 4830-A, BRM Hold Placard Fees Not Paid.

n PS 4983, Postal Key and Lock Requisition.

n PS 5544, Pickup Services Escalation Form.

n PS 5630, Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice.

n PS 6831, Request for Headquarters Identification Badge.

n PS 8162, Capital Property Record.




Edition Date


Replaced By

MI AS-730-2009-4


Management of Printed Materials Inventory

MI AS-730-2012-1

MI FM-310-2007-1


Transfer of Accountability for Post Offices, Stations, and Branches

MI FM-310-2012-3

MI PO-530-2012-1


Highway Contract Route Late Slip Reconciliation and Payment

MI PO-530-2012-3



OneCode ACS Technical Guide


PUB 80


Bulk Proof of Delivery Program


PS 3572


Address Change Service Application Traditional


PS 3573


Address Change Service Application OneCode ACS


PS 4004-A


Specialized Business Case

PS 4004-SP

PS 4004-B


Customized Packaging Business Case

PS 4004-C

PS 4004-O


Reorder/New Specialized Order Form

PS 4004-SP