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Election and Political Mail Area and District Map

The interactive Election and Political Mail Area and District map provides election officials with contact information for their area and district Customer Relations managers. The interactive map also includes BMEU addresses and phone numbers, and a ZIP Code™ lookup feature to streamline the resource identification process. To view the map, click on the resource tab at

Area Customer Relations Managers



Area Customer Relations Managers


Felicia Jackson



Stan Franke



Mike Cook



Deborah Brady


Election Mail and Political Mail Sites

Please refer to the following resources for guidance during the election cycle:

n For external information and resources on Election Mail, visit

n For Political Mail guidance and tips, visit

Tracking and Reporting Election Mail Issues

n Report Election Mail issues to the Postal Service via the web form.

n Report Political Mail issues to the Postal Service at

n Notify USPS in advance of your political mailing by providing a copy of your mailpiece and PS Form 3600 or 3602 to help us plan for receiving your mail. Create the notice at

n Report any Election Mail or Political Mail matters requiring federal law enforcement attention to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 or at

Official Election Mail Program Kit

n To download the 2022 Official Election Mail Kit (Kit 600), visit

PostalPro Resources

n For information on how to set up an account for election ballots, visit

n For Information on permit-based solutions for Election Mail, visit

Mailpiece Design Analysts

The Postal Service recommends that every Election Mail envelope design be reviewed by an MDA before it is used in the 2022 election cycle. For design assistance, contact the Mailing and Shipping Solutions Center (MSSC):

n By calling 877-672-0007 (select option 2 for mailing and shipping, then option 2 for MDA),

n By emailing, or

n By visiting

Special Procedures APO/FPO/DPO and Overseas Citizens Absentee Ballots Fact Sheet

n For tips to ensure absentee ballots reach military personnel and U.S. citizens who are currently overseas, visit

Service Type Identifier for Ballot Mail

n To determine the right STID for your mailing, visit

Service Type Identifier for Political Mail

n To determine the right STID for your mailing, visit

Business Reply Mail and Qualified Business Reply Mail

n For directions on how to get started with BRM/QBRM, visit

Informed Delivery

n For instructions on setting up an Informed Delivery mailing campaign, visit

Green Tag 191, Domestic and International Ballots

n For information and guidelines to help your ballot mail get higher visibility during processing, visit

Red Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing

n To learn about the proper use of Tag 57, visit

Publication 631 — Official Election Mail — Graphic Guidelines and Logos

n To learn about the proper use of the Official Election Mail logo for mailpieces, visit

Publication 632 — State and Local Election Mail User’s Guide

n For information that election officials must consider before mailing, visit

Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®)

n See part 703, Non-profit USPS Marketing Mail and Other Unique Eligibility: