Pay and benefits comparability

The law requires the Postal Service to provide compensation and benefits to employees at a level comparable to the private sector. The Postal Service continues to pursue comparability for employees represented by labor organizations and management associations, seeking reductions where compensation or benefits are above private sector levels. For postal executives, however, the law significantly limits the Postal Service’s ability to achieve comparability with the private sector. The law does not provide the Postal Service with tools to compensate top postal executives at a level of top executives in similarly-sized companies.

Pursuant to Title 39 U.S.C. Section 3686(d), the Postal Service hereby reports that during calendar year 2010 the following persons received compensation in the amounts listed in excess of the rate for level 1 of Executive Schedule under section 5312 of title 5. The total compensation received by these individuals was well below comparable pay of executives in similarly-sized private sector companies.



Amount in Excess of Level 1 of the Executive Schedule

Drew T. Aliperto


Mitzi R. Betman


Sylvester Black


Megan J. Brennan


Susan M. Brownell


Ellis A. Burgoyne


Joseph Corbett


Guy J. Cottrell


Thomas G. Day


Vincent H. Devito Jr.


Marie Therese Dominguez


Patrick R. Donahoe


John T. Edgar


Jo Ann Feindt


Steven J. Forte


Deborah M. Giannoni-Jackson


Mary A. Gibbons


Dean J. Granholm


Timothy C. Haney


Stephen M. Kearney


Delores J. Killette


Linda A. Kingsley


Susan M. LaChance


Stephen J. Masse


Pritha Mehra


Julie S. Moore


Susan M. Plonkey


John E. Potter*


Samuel M. Pulcrano


Gary C. Reblin


Maura Robinson


Tom A. Samra


Pranab M. Shah


Jordan M. Small


Douglas A. Tulino


Anthony J. Vegliante


Linda J. Welch


David E. Williams Jr.


*Amount includes payments made upon separation from the Postal Service.