The Postal Service uses some of the most advanced mail processing technology in the world, including fully automated systems and robust tracking and scanning technology. These enhanced network systems enable us to provide customers with better data and better ways of using the mail. And, as our systems get smarter, our customers get smarter about the way they use the mail.

Among the technology-enabled solutions released this year were simplified full-service requirements for drop-shipments and customer supplier agreements. We are giving customers better information regarding their full-service mailings, including better reports and data we collect about mailpieces and containers. We’re also offering seamless entry that enables business customers to drop off their mail through streamlined, automated processes.

Our goal is to create a stronger, profitable Postal Service. And building a leaner, faster and smarter operational network is critical to achieving that goal.

current mail processing network

Current mail processing network

In response to significant market changes over the past five years, USPS has aggressively consolidated mail processing facilities, which now total 461, down from 673 in 2006.

proposed mail processing network

Proposed mail processing network

An additional 252 mail processing facilities are being studied for potential closing or consolidation, as USPS works toward a goal of fewer than 200 facilities by the end of 2013.