The Postal Service remains focused on using technology to provide world-class visibility for our mail and package products. By improving our scanning performance scores, we have been able to provide better information for our customers about the location of their mail and packages. Customers will know in near-real time where their mail or packages are in the Postal network and when they can expect delivery.

Since October 1, 2011, nationwide scanning scores have improved from 88.23 percent to 95.79 percent at the end of FY2013. We increased the total number of package tracking events by 5.2 billion over FY2012. We continue to emphasize the importance of scanning in online updates to field offices and through recognition of the top-performing Postal areas and districts. The Postal Service has also replaced the Legacy Product Tracking System with PTS-II, a more nimble and robust system, built to support a projected 128 billion scans by 2018. This USPS initiative earned the Parcel Handling Technology of the Year award from Postal Technology International.

Enhanced product visibility and scanning has allowed the Postal Service to provide customers with the end-to-end tracking information they expect. Accordingly, Delivery Confirmation has been rebranded as USPS Tracking™ to reflect these enhancements. Customers benefit because USPS Tracking™ is now included automatically at no additional cost on Standard Post and Priority Mail with full USPS retail acceptance.