Postal Service Ranked Highest Trusted Government Agency for Privacy

In addition to surveys conducted by the Postal Service, we also rely on external studies which measure our performance. The Ponemon Institute annually conducts an objective study, the Most Trusted Companies for Privacy Study. In the 2012 study, more than 100,000 adult-aged consumers were asked to name up to five companies that, in their opinion, were the most trusted for protecting the privacy of their personal information. Consumer responses were collected over a 15-week period concluding in December 2012. A final sample of 6,704 respondents completed the survey. For the last seven years in which Ponemon has conducted its survey, the USPS has been a top-ten performer. The Postal Service also achieved the top trust rating among all other government entities named by consumers in the survey. The Postal Service ranked fifth among the top 20 most trusted companies for privacy across the nation moving up from the number six position in 2011. American Express, Hewlett Packard, Amazon and IBM were listed as the top 4 most trusted companies respectively.

The Ponemon Institute’s 2012 Most Trusted Companies for Privacy Study was published on January 28, 2013.