Price Changes

According to the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006, except in exceptional or extraordinary circumstances, Mailing Services prices, on average, can increase no more than the rate of inflation based on the Consumer Price Index for an Urban Family (CPI.u). In January 2013, overall Mailing Services prices increased by an average of 2.57 percent (rounded to 2.6 percent). The Postal Service increased the price of a one-ounce letter by 1 cent to 46 cents. Prices also increased for postcards, large flat envelopes and First-Class presort letters and cards. The price for a one-ounce letter to all international destinations increased to $1.10. Domestic retail prices for Priority Mail Flat Rate products also increased as did published prices for retail international Shipping Services.

In January 2013, Single Piece Parcel Post was renamed Standard Post and is now considered a competitive product.

Facing serious financial challenges and lack of Postal reform legislation in Congress, in September 2013, the Postal Service Board of Governors voted to seek price increases in 2014 above the annual increases associated with changes of the CPI. This proposal includes an increase in the price for a one-ounce letter from 46 cents to 49 cents, as well as other increases above the rate of inflation. This proposal is subject to change depending on action taken by Congress and review by the Postal Regulatory Commission.