We are focused on implementation

Structured, disciplined process

Develop portfolio of high-priority initiatives

Understand business environment

Identify risks and opportunities

Seek and incorporate stakeholder feedback

Rigorous cross-functional development of potential initiatives, using standard tools

Establish accountabilities, form teams, develop detailed charters

ELT sponsor assigns accountable “champion”

Cross-functional teams

Financial cost and benefits assessment (business case)

Milestones, timelines, objectives (road maps)

Rigor test the quality of the road maps by asking the following questions:

Execute plans against road map with detailed cross-functional review

Formal Lean Six Sigma and Project Management training

Web-based tracking and reporting tools

Strategic Management Office support for Initiative Leads and Road map Owners

Red-yellow-green reporting (schedule variance, risk scores, resulting variance)

Regular structure and intensive senior management review

Biweekly “Deep Dives” with ELT

Cross-functional team reports

Link to investment/budget (business case update)

Risk and barrier analysis (what is keeping you from completing necessary tasks?)

Adjustments and remediation

In FY2013, the Postal Service focused on a portfolio of 24 strategic initiatives that the Postal Service is striving to implement to meet its ambitious performance and financial goals. This portfolio of initiatives is dynamic and changes as priorities and resources require, and as programs are completed or adjusted based on external events. These initiatives support Postal corporate-wide goals.

The strategic initiatives identified for FY2013 were designed to respond to the economic and competitive environment currently facing the Postal Service. Many of these initiatives contribute to achieving multiple goals. For example improving the customer experience is also very important for revenue generation and improving the financial position of the Postal Service. Progress is tracked through a detailed reporting system and is reviewed every two weeks by the Executive Leadership Team for the Postal Service.

FY2013 strategic initiatives


Corporate goal


FY13 initiatives

FY13 initiatives


Optimize cost of operations and infrastructure to match future demands

Customer experience

Improve customer experience measurement processes


Customer experience

Leverage technology to drive business value


Grow revenue from innovation, core products & markets


Establish the digital platform



Strengthen financial & risk management capabilities


Build competitive workforce of the future

In FY2013, we continued to make improvements to our governance processes using industry best practice approaches to ensure successful outcomes. In June 2013, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) completed an audit of the DRIVE process. In its final audit report, the OIG found that the Postal Service’s DRIVE program compares favorably to the best-in-class management practices.