The Postal Service launched an effort to streamline and enhance our suite of returns products, making them easier for merchants and consumers to use. Product returns are an integral part of eCommerce shipping. Consumers expect businesses to provide a quick, easy and stress-free way to return unwanted merchandise purchased online. The Postal Service offers affordability and superior accessibility through our retail, delivery and pick up networks.

As first steps, we built a more prominent presence for returns on, highlighting features and benefits and providing additional resources for customers. An online permit creation process was introduced for business customers who ship with Merchandise Return Service and Parcel Return Service. A “pay on first scan” was introduced for merchants who start shipping USPS Returns Services, which offer an automated and streamlined postage calculation and assessment process.

In addition, we also introduced Print and Deliver Return Label Service. At the request of a merchant, the Postal Service can create and deliver, make available for pick up at a Post Office or have a prepaid return shipping label for the customer at a USPS self-service kiosk and pick up the return package at the same time. A scan triggers payment for the postage.

The Postal Service will continue to make the returns experience simpler and more convenient for both merchants and consumers, including exploring new ways to use labels that make the transition from a package received to a package returned even easier.