Mail Forwarding Made Easier Online at

The Postal Service processes almost 40 million change-of-address requests each year and strives to make the process as simple as possible for customers. Customers do not have to go to the Post Office to file a Change of Address. They can use the Internet Change of Address (ICOA) service on Customers can also modify their original change of address order without going to a Post Office or filling out additional forms. By going to and entering their Change of Address confirmation code and their new ZIP Code, customers can make changes such as updating their move type, changing mail forwarding dates or canceling orders altogether.

Customers also can use a credit or debit card with a billing address that is different from either the old or new addresses. This feature is particularly useful for customers whose credit or debit card is associated with a PO Box or work billing address, or for those filling out a request for an elderly or deceased relative. There is also new and improved real-time address verification. Addresses entered as the “move from” or “move to” addresses are immediately compared to or matched against the USPS database of deliverable addresses. If there is no match, the customer can be alerted immediately to correct the error before submitting the ICOA order. Customers will receive emails confirming their ICOA submission and alerting them when mail forwarding is about to end. ICOA users also will have access to move- related coupons and special offers.