Engaging Employees

The Postal Service highly values employees’ opinions about their work environment and the effectiveness of USPS programs, policies and strategies for success. In 2014, the Postal Service took another major step towards engaging its entire workforce by extending the opportunity to participate in the VOE survey to not only career employees, but to all Postal Service employees, including PSEs, CCAs and MHAs. These employees are indispensable members of our workforce whose opinions are also highly valued. Their survey participation rate of over 70 percent is clear evidence they both desire and value the opportunity to participate in the VOE survey program.

Each year, we set challenging targets for employee engagement levels. In 2014, we experienced improvement quarter-over-quarter and improvement over the 2013 baseline score. We achieved an end-of-year score of 65.011 and our employees continue to express high levels of commitment to the organization. For example, 77 percent of employees indicated they were proud to work for the Postal Service, and 75 percent feel personally responsible for helping the organization succeed. The scores for each of these questions is a full percentage point higher than they were at the end of 2013. In 2015, we will redesign our VOE survey to help promote increased levels of employee engagement. The survey will also be redesigned to provide more actionable insights and allow for more robust reporting. We will also provide supervisors and managers with targeted and actionable analytics and a comprehensive set of action planning tools.