IX. The Need for Comprehensive Legislative Reform

The Postal Service is working with Congress to establish a business model that would enable the organization to operate profitably, repay existing debts, invest in needed network improvements and best adapt to a changing marketplace. The industry is going through fundamental changes and the faster we adopt new technologies and leverage the power of data, the better we will be able to compete against other marketing channels. We have to take advantage of opportunities to shape our future.

The rise of the digital economy presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to address the needs of our customers. The Postal Service is working to encourage that growth by offering easy-to-use Postal Service products. We see tremendous examples of companies using mail more effectively as a result of using data and technology better. Our customers are getting rich data from their mailings. They are integrating and combining that data with the data they are getting from other marketing channels.

No business imperative is more significant in transforming the Postal Service than providing our customers with a great experience whenever they work with us. We are holding ourselves accountable, taking ownership of issues and following through on promised actions. These changes are starting to have a positive impact on the way marketers look at mail — and we have to build some momentum about how mail is changing.

There are a number of key initiatives that the Postal Service has requested Congress to consider that would facilitate this new adaptive business model: