7-2 eMIR Process for Drop Shipments

7-2.1 Completing the eMIR Data Collection Form for Drop Shipments

All irregularities that arise during the verification of PS Form 8125 or the unload of the drop shipment must be captured and documented using eMIR. Any irregularity, even ones resolved immediately, must be recorded. Even though eVS and eInduction do not require PS Form 8125, irregularities with these shipments must adhere to the procedures described in this section.

Since eMIR does not currently have a unique “Problem Entry” field for drop shipment irregularities at destination, unique steps have been developed and must be followed as outlined here:

  1. Use one blank eMIR Data Collection Form (see Appendix C) for each irregularity.
  2. Notes: Columns with an asterisk require information.

  3. Complete designated sections on the front of form or page 1 as follows:
    1. Print the full name of the person who is reporting the irregularity.
    2. Under processing area, print Dock-Inbound.
    3. Enter the tour where the irregularity occurred and date when the problem was discovered.
    4. Check Company Imprint in the box indicating type of postage payment. While this selection may not represent the actual method of postage payment, it is the selection required for data input of drop shipment information.
      1. Enter company name. Make selection, if possible.
      2. Enter mailer name and address from PS Form 8125, when necessary.
    5. Skip Mail Owner section.
    6. Enter name and address of Preparer identified in the Mailer Information section of PS Form 8125 (cells 3 and 7) or 8125-CD (cells 1 and 3).
    7. Check Pallet or Sack under Container Label Information. Next to Job ID, print the FAST appointment number. Check the box, “Image of container label,” if pictures were taken of the issue reported, such as pallets stacked too tall or pallets fallen over during transit.
  4. Complete designated sections on the back of form or page 2:
    1. Under “Class of Mail,” check the appropriate box.
    2. Under “Processing Category,” check the appropriate box.
    3. Under “Type of Print Material,” select Other.
    4. Under “Transportation,” check Mailer Contracted.
    5. Under the columns for “Pallet” and “Sack,” check the box Other Pallet Issue or Other Sack Issue.
    6. Under the applicable columns, check Other Pallet Issue and Other Sack Issue.
    7. Under the next three columns (“Tray,” “Bundle,” and “Piece”), make no selections.
    8. Under “Comments,” enter 8125 on the first line. Use the other lines under “Comments” to describe the irregularity and any actions taken to resolve the issue.
    9. Check the box Image of Problem, and take a picture of the problem and the PS Form 8125.
    10. On the last line of the form under the columns for “Pallet” and “Sack,” enter the volume information.

When the eMIR Data Collection Form has been completed, provide it to the employee responsible for entering information into eMIR.