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The annual Comprehensive Statement on Postal Operations and the Annual Report describe Postal Service activities and results. The Comprehensive Statement is a broad summary of customer, employee, and operations-focused developments from the past fiscal year. The Annual Report focuses on Postal Service finances and financial results. Vision 2013, the five-year strategic plan for 2009-2013, offers a broad perspective of what it will take for the Postal Service to succeed in the future. The Vision 2013 Progress Report details progress made toward strategic goals in 2009. All four documents are available at usps.com.

The Postal Service has filed the annual Comprehensive Statement since 1976 in accordance with 39 U.S.C. 2401(e), which prescribes its contents. Chapter 1 addresses our mission, the year in review, governance and oversight, as well as legislative and regulatory developments. Chapter 2 focuses on products and services. Chapter 3 discusses operations. Chapter 4 describes customer programs. Chapter 5 covers the workforce and employee-related programs. Chapter 6 contains the Annual Performance Report for 2009 and Annual Performance Plan for 2010, as required by the Government Performance and Results Act. All references to years, unless otherwise stated, refer to fiscal years beginning October 1 and ending September 30.