Chapter 4: Customer Programs

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSM) of residential and business customers is conducted independently through surveys performed by the Gallup Organization on behalf of the Postal Service. Survey question ratings and feedback provide an ongoing assessment of customer satisfaction with the Postal Service across a range of interactions. CSM reports customers’ perceptions, of the quality of their mail delivery, the service they received at Post Offices and other postal outlets, and their experiences with other postal contacts, including phone or online assistance.

Slightly over one million residential and about 391,000 small businesses responded to the CSM surveys. Responses are voluntary and confidential, with survey response rates for residential customers of 22 percent, and for small businesses about 14 percent. Survey results are verified by and compared to other measurements. The data help Area, District, and local managers determine how well they are doing and where improvements will most benefit customers.

Residential customer satisfaction ratings of 93 percent were maintained for the first three quarters rising to 94 percent for the last quarter of the year despite the public discussion on potential 5-day delivery, and station and branch consolidations. The Postal Service continues to focus on key drivers of customer satisfaction to identify opportunities for improvement.