Advertising and Promotion

The Postal Service used multiple advertising tools to boost consumer and business awareness of its products and services. Direct mailings, broadcast commercials, print advertising in trade journals, and mailing industry publications showed why companies should include direct mail in any integrated marketing program. The message emphasized the unique value of mail and how it complements other media.

Promotions focused on how to develop targeted mailings that lead to higher returns on investment. Being “Green” was the theme in various communications promoting direct mail as an effective marketing tool for large businesses. The EnvironMAIList campaign was very effective and was recognized by the Direct Marketing Association. It showed ways to make advertising mailings successful to specific customer needs and interests.

Advertising focused on how using Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes is a “Simpler way to Ship.” The theme for all creative for this campaign officially launched in May, communicated that “If It Fits It Ships” in a variety of entertaining, while relevant, scenarios. This campaign integrated TV (including direct response TV), print, direct mail, and Web advertising into a robust campaign. Priority Mail revenue and volume during the first four months of the campaign showed an increase. Most exciting is that the Postal Service used media test markets where media weight was “heavied up” to see if increased advertising would increase revenue potential and return on investment. Thus far in the test, “heavy-up” markets continue to outperform control markets for the campaign.

For small businesses, the Postal Service developed promotional kits to help postmasters identify how to build new business by matching their customers’ needs with available products. Support was also provided for city carriers under the Customer Connect program and for rural carriers under the Rural Reach program.