Expand Access

As consumer behaviors and needs change, so must the Postal Service. Access must be expanded to serve customers where they already shop and at times convenient to them. The Postal Service is modernizing customer access while reducing costs by expanding access with world-class Web and mobile offerings and through its carriers so customers can access services without leaving their homes and workplaces. Additional automated and on-demand services such as kiosks and partnerships with retailers are also being created. As customers continue to shift to these new services, costs can be minimized by closing retail facilities that are no longer necessary to meet changing customer needs. Proposals to close facilities often lead to local protests, however, and political resistance often blocks changes. Since the Postal Service does not receive appropriated funds, postal customers are ultimately required to absorb the costs of political decisions that keep redundant facilities open. Legislation is needed to enable the Postal Service to minimize the cost of maintaining costly facilities when customer needs and preferences can be better served through other access points.