Future Business Model of the Postal Service

The Postal Act required the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to prepare and submit to the President and Congress a report providing in-depth evaluation of various options and strategies for long term structural and operational Postal Service reform. The Act required the GAO to consult during its preparation of the report with the Postal Service, the PRC, postal employee unions and associations, mailers, and others. The report, released in April, well in advance of the 2011 deadline specified in the Act, contained the GAO’s recommendations regarding how the Postal Service’s business model could be maintained or transformed to ensure the continuation of affordable, universal postal service to the American public.

To help inform the GAO during the consultation process, in November 2009, the Postal Service gave GAO a report — Assessment of U.S. Postal Service Future Business Model — which explained the challenges of the current model, identified alternatives, and offered recommendations for the future. Four papers by external authors assessing the challenges and options were also provided. In March the Postal Service provided it with the Ensuring a Viable Postal Service for America plan. All of these documents can be found at usps.com/postallaw/futurebusinessmodel.htm.