Market Research

To evaluate and respond to changing customer needs, the Postal Service conducted several major market research studies.

Five-Day Delivery: This study assessed the projected impact of five-day delivery on commercial organizations and consumers. It included qualitative research which revealed that customers would accept a change to five-day delivery if it were necessary to ensure the long-term viability of the Postal Service, and would be able to adapt to five-day delivery without major negative impact. The study also included quantitative research to estimate the impact on mail volume. Based on these data, the Postal Service estimated that volume would decline by 0.71 percent if five-day delivery were adopted.

Product Samples: This study was executed to assess the opportunity of introducing a new “sampling” product. The study showed that consumers would be interested in and would use a “sample box” delivered by the Postal Service, thus allowing the Postal Service to offer advertisers a new way to deliver samples to consumers.

Stamp Distribution Channels: This study evaluated the various means by which consumers buy stamps. Most consumers continue to purchase stamps at Post Offices. However, a substantial number also buy stamps at commercial retail outlets and on

2009 Household Diary Study: This multi-year research study measures the mail sent and received by a representative sample of more than 5,200 U.S. households. It analyzes household mail trends in the context of changes in the wider markets for communications. One significant trend is the effect of the Internet on consumer use of mail for transactions and personal correspondence. The study is available at