II. Competition Advocate Role

The Competition Advocate is responsible for promoting competition and improving the competitive performance of the Postal Service. The CA must maintain a program that includes identifying, tracking, and following up on actions to remove barriers to competition. The CA is responsible for the following:

The CA is appointed by the Vice President, Supply Management (see Appendix A) and the CA’s role and responsibilities are defined in Section 2-10, Determine Extent of Competition, of the Postal Service’s Supplying Principles and Practices (SPs and Ps), and Management Instruction SP S2-2011-1, Noncompetitive Purchases. The complete SPs and Ps can be found internally on the USPS\u00A8 Intranet site: http://blue.usps.gov/policy/ and externally at: http://about.usps.com/manuals/spp/html/welcome.htm.

See Appendix B for excerpts of the SPs and Ps related to competition and the CA’s role.

The MI is available internally on the Postal Service Intranet site: http://blue.usps.gov/cpim/ftp/manage/sps2111.pdf.

See Appendix G for a copy of the MI.