9-4.2 Issuance of PS Form 2734

When necessary, a Postal Service employee may direct an air carrier to transfer mail to another air carrier (see 6-2.3). When this occurs, the transferring air carrier is responsible for completing PS Form 2734, Mail Exception Report, as well as completing the input into the Surface-Air Management System Alaska (S-AMS Alaska) automated system. The receiving air carrier is responsible for distributing the completed PS Form 2734 (see 5-3.2.6). The receiving air carrier should submit the Accounting Service Center copies to the transfer point postmaster, who ensures that the form is complete and correct.

If the transferring air carrier fails to complete PS Form 2734, a Postal Service employee completes the form. The Postal Service employee then generates PS Form 2759 and, in the “Explanation” section, describes the irregularity as “failure to cooperate.”