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Produce Contract Award Recommendation

After proposal evaluation, comparative analysis, and ranking of the proposals (including price proposals), and. after any final discussions and negotiations with selected suppliers, it must be determined which supplier (or suppliers) offer the best value to the Postal Service. The Contracting Officer makes a recommendation to the Purchase/SCM Team after consideration of the information provided by the Proposal Evaluation Team.

Information to be considered in the decision are:

the trade-off judgment between price and the value offered in a supplier's proposal

the relative value offered by a supplier or suppliers in relation to the competition

whether a lower cost is worth the lesser technical value (and potentially higher risk), or whether a higher price is worth the increased technical/managerial capabilities (and potentially lower risk)

These judgments must be consistent with the relative significance of the identified performance evaluation factors and the relationship of those factors to cost/price factors as established in the proposal evaluation strategy and described in the request for proposals (RFP).

The Contracting Officer must present his or her recommendation accompanied by the findings of the Proposal Evaluation Team and other relevant facts to the Purchase/SCM Team. All procedures, evaluation techniques, Proposal Evaluation Team reports, record of negotiations, and the best value determination must be formally documented and maintained in the contract file. At a minimum, the contract file should include:

Requirements Document

Purchase plan


Proposals received in response to the solicitation

Record of the discussions and negotiations held with the offerors

Best value determination

Supporting information such as past performance evaluation records

Contract award and notification to unsuccessful offerors

Offerors documentation

Any required reviews and approvals

Any other documentation required by these Practices

The contract award recommendation is the determination of which supplier offers the Postal Service the best value, and therefore should be awarded the contract. The Contracting Officer is responsible for making the award recommendation after consulting with the Purchase/SCM Team, as necessary. The contract award recommendation is used as the basis for the Notifications of Award topic of the Make Final Decisions task of Process Step 3: Select Suppliers. When consensus cannot be reached, the Contracting Officer will make the best value decision.

Award documentation must be completed before notification of award.

Other Topics Considered

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