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Customer Relations

FAST Deployment on Hold in Areas Affected by
Hurricane Katrina

Mail Alert

Notice: How to Comply With Requests From
Persons With Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Domestic Mail

DMM Revision: Items Mailed to the Department
of State

DMM Revision: Hold For Pickup Endorsement

DMM Revision: Insurance Purchased Online and at Postal Service Kiosks

DMM Revision: Preparation of Enhanced Carrier
Route Standard Mail Basic Rate Multi-Bundles

DMM Revision: Transition of FASTforward MLC

DMM Revision: Revisions to Postage Payment
by Postage Evidencing Systems

Field Information Kit: Parcel Select "Hold For Pickup" Endorsement


Revised Publication: Publication 260-A, U.S.
Postal Inspection Service, Delivering a World of Career Opportunities

Safety Alert: National Fire Prevention Week —October 9–15, 2005


Handbooks F-15 and F-12 Revision: Fiscal Year
2006 Travel Per Diem Rates

DMM and Publication 122 Revision: Indemnity
Claims and Appeals

Notice: New Contact Information for Bank
Secrecy Act Compliance Office

Rural Carriers: Equipment Maintenance Allowance Schedule for Rural Routes

Pull-Out Section

Fraud Alert

Withholding of Mail Orders

Invalid Express Mail Corporate Account Numbers

Missing, Lost, or Stolen U.S. Money Order Forms

Missing, Lost, or Stolen Canadian Money Order Forms

Counterfeit Canadian Money Order Forms

Toll-Free Number Available to Verify Canadian
Money Orders

Other Information

Overseas Military Mail

Missing Children Posters

Postal Service Locations (by ZIP Codes) That Sell/Service GXG — Effective October 1, 2005


Finance (continued)

Handbook F-15 Revision: Revised PS Form 1010

Information Technology

Handbook AS-873 Revision: Telecommunications

Handbook AS-805 Revision: Information Security

Handbook AS-805-A Revision: Application Information Security Assurance (ISA) Process

International Mail

IMM Revision: New Canada and Postal Service
Operations Changes

Handbook T-5 Revision: International Labeling List

Handbook T-5 Revision: New Canada and Postal
Service Operations Changes

Reminder: Use of PS Form 2976-A, Customs
Declaration and Dispatch Note — CP 72

Global Express Guaranteed Service: Entire GXG
Transaction Available on POS ONE

Global Express Guaranteed Service: Updated List
of GXG Retail Locations


Stamp Announcement 05-31: Distinguished Marines

Updated Announcement 05-F: 2005 Stamps
and Postal Stationery

2005 Stamps and Postal Stationery

Pictorial Postmarks Announcement

Special Cancellation Die Hubs

Post Offices

Notice: Mover's Guide News

Post Office Changes


Stamps by Mail Brochure Transportation Cost

New Publication: PM Quarterly

Supply Management

2006 Calendars Now Available Through Boise/
BCOP Federal

New Delegation of Authority Process

2006 Year Type for Hand Stamp and Canceling

Maintenance Repair and Operations and Custodial
Products for Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

Updated Ordering Process for Fluorescent Lamps
and Light Bulbs

Regulated Waste Management

Rotary Lock Redistribution and Ordering Process

Notice To Cintas Customers Only


Postal Bulletin Index

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PB 22144: 7690-07-000-0128

PB 22143: 7690-07-000-0127

PB 22142: 7690-07-000-0126

PB 22141: 7690-07-000-0125

PB 22140: 7690-07-000-0124

PB 22138: 7690-07-000-0122

PB 22139: 7690-07-000-0123

PB 22138: 7690-07-000-0122

PB 22137: 7690-07-000-0121

PB 22136: 7690-07-000-0120

PB 22135: 7690-07-000-0119

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