ACE II rollout starts this month

ACE II is paving the way for the future of computing power at USPS.

Beginning this month, Information Technology will roll out new desktops and laptops, state-of-the-art BlackBerrys, shared printers and value-added tools that will increase productivity and efficiency.

ACE II will give computer users faster logins and logouts and access to applications and data, self-service password reset, easier backups, machine health checking and much more. Nifty new features are a toolbar that puts the most frequently used IT services only a click away and a ticker­tape to provide direct communication to each user.

The computers deployed during ACE I five years ago are outdated and running out of warranty. ACE II will save USPS money by replacing this equipment now with next-generation machines that will last for the next five years.

And looking toward the future, all of the new ACE II computers are Vista-ready, making for a smooth migration to the operating system of the future by fiscal year 2009.

The conversion to ACE II will be conducted in incremen­tal stages across Headquarters and field offices over the next 30 months.