First-Class Mail Fact Sheet

What is First-Class Mail Shape-Based Pricing?

First-Class Mail shape-based pricing aligns the shape of mail with the relative processing costs for each mail shape.

The major changes made to First-Class Mail (retail) in May 2007 are detailed here to help you understand what changed and discuss the changes with customers.


Large Envelopes (Flats)

Packages (Parcels)

The decrease in price to $0.17 for each additional ounce for all mail shapes results in lower prices for letters weigh­ing over 1 ounce and for large envelopes weighing over 6 ounces.

Customers may save $0.39 on the first ounce by folding the contents of a flat-size mailpiece (large envelope) into a letter-size mailpiece. Also, some items prepared as a pack­age may be reconfigured and placed in a large envelope, saving $0.33 on the first ounce.

First-Class Mail Quick Tips