Publication 223 Revision: Directives and Forms Update

Effective October 31, 2013, Publication 223, Directives and Forms Catalog, is revised to include current information for the items noted in this article. See Publication 223 for complete information.

Information on how to order directives and forms is available in chapter 1 of Publication 223.

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n LAB 291, Return to Sender: Due to Export Control Regulations (OFAC).

n LAB 400-R, USPS Tracking Number and Customer Receipt Label (Roll).

n MI AS-310-2013-6, Management of Policy and Procedure Information.

n MI AS-862-2013-5, Securing Customer Data.

n MI DM-505-2013-3, Business Reply Mail Management Review.

n MI EL-710-2013-1, Requesting and Approving Funds for Training.

n MI EL-810-2013-5, Electrical Work Plan.

n MI PO-530-2013-1, Highway Contract Route Global Positioning System.

n MOP FI-01-14-2013, Policy Memo Statistical Programs Letter #2, Fiscal Year (FY) 2013.

n MOP FI-04-05-2013, Policy Memo Statistical Programs Letter #5, Fiscal Year 2013, Origin-Destination Information SystemRevenue, Pieces, and Weight.

n MOP FI-04-22-2013, Policy Memo Statistical Programs Letter #6, Fiscal Year 2013, Origin-Destination Information SystemRevenue, Pieces, and Weight.

n MOP FI-05-31-2013, Policy Memo Statistical Programs Letter #7, Fiscal Year 2013.

n POS 209, Any Dog Can Bite.

n POS 326-A, Heat Stress.

n POS 620-BME, It Begins With a Smile (BMEU Clerk).

n PUB 337, The Place You Work Is the Workplace You Protect.

n PS 1093-A-S, Application for Post Office Box™ Service Automatic Recurring Renewal Payment (Spanish).

n PS 2976-B, Priority Mail Express International Shipping Label and Customs Form.

n PS 5956-EAS, EAS Non-Supervisory Employee Probationary Period Report.

n PS 6900, Seized Asset Claim Form.

n PS 7227, Local Cleaning Services Payment Authorization Form.

n PS 7228, Local Cleaning Services Agreement Modification Form.


n HBK AS-353, Guide to Privacy, the Freedom of Information Act, and Records Management.

n HBK AS-709, Purchase Card Policies and Procedures for Local Buying.

n HBK AS-805, Information Security.

n HBK EL-312, Employment and Placement.

n HBK EL-804, Safe Driver Program.

n HBK F-15-C, Relocation Policy: Bargaining Employees.

n HBK M-22, Dispatch and Routing Policies.

n HBK PO-603, Rural Carrier Duties and Responsibilities.

n HBK SP-1, Highway Contract Routes Contract Delivery Services.

n MAN ASM, Administrative Support Manual.

n MAN ELM, Employee and Labor Relations Manual.

n MAN IMM, Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, International Mail Manual.

n MAN SPP, Supplying Principles and Practices.

n NOT 122, Domestic Claims Customer Quick Reference Guide.

n NOT 122-A, International Mail: Instructions to Initiate an Inquiry.

n NOT 172, Easy Secure Convenient (Wallet Card).

n PUB 8, ACS Product Information Guide.

n PUB 14, Prohibitions and Restrictions on Mailing Animals, Plants, and Related Products.

n PUB 25, Designing Letter and Reply Mail.

n PUB 32, Glossary of Postal Terms.

n PUB 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail.

n PUB 141, Global Express Guaranteed Service Guide.

n PUB 220, Discount “Postal Customer” Mailings: A Guide for the House of Representatives.

n PUB 223, Directives and Forms Catalog.

n PUB 399, Pickup Services Field Guide.

n PUB 431, Post Office Box Service and Caller Service Fee Groups.

n PUB 613, Shipping International Packages: A step-by-step guide to customs documentation and shipping internationally.

n PUB 615, Take Your Mailbox With You! (Premium Forwarding Service).

n PUB 621, PFS Guidebook for Employees: An Introduction to Premium Forwarding Service.

n PUB 622, Media Mail Postmaster Guidelines and Retail Acceptance Procedures.

n WHD PUB 1420, Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

n PS 8-B, Request to Modify or Discontinue a Field Finance Number.

n PS 153, Signature Confirmation Receipt.

n PS 292, Headquarters Clearance Checklist.

n PS 595-BRA, Dinero Seguro.

n PS 673, Report of Rifled Parcel.

n PS 920, Shipping Services Operations Opportunities Form.

n PS 1000, Domestic or International Claim.

n PS 1261, Non-ERB Report.

n PS 1723, Assignment Order.

n PS 2134, USPS Corporate Account (USPSCA) Uncollectible.

n PS 2608, Grievance Summary Step 1.

n PS 2609, Grievance Summary Step 2.

n PS 2610, Grievance Summary Step 3.

n PS 2846, City Carrier Route Mail Acceptance Data.

n PS 2848, Rural Carrier Route Mail Acceptance Data.

n PS 2865, Return Receipt for International Mail.

n PS 2976, Customs Declaration CN 22 Sender's Declaration.

n PS 2976-A, Customs Declarations and Dispatch Note CP 72.

n PS 2976-E, Customs Declaration Envelope CP 91.

n PS 3152, Confirmation Services Certification.

n PS 3189, Request for Temporary Schedule Change for Personal Convenience.

n PS 3227-O, Stamps by Mail Brochure Order Form.

n PS 3600-FCM, Postage Statement First-Class Mail and First-Class Package Service.

n PS 3600-PM, Postage Statement Priority Mail - Permit Imprint.

n PS 3602-N, Postage Statement Nonprofit Standard Mail.

n PS 3602-R, Postage Statement Standard Mail.

n PS 3605-R, Postage Statement Package Services.

n PS 3615-A, Application for Picture Permit Imprint.

n PS 3700, Postage Statement International Mail.

n PS 3804, Return Receipt for Merchandise.

n PS 3811, Domestic Return Receipt.

n PS 3811-A, Request for Delivery Information/Return Receipt After Mailing.

n PS 3816, COD Mailing and Delivery Receipt.

n PS 3849, Delivery Notice/Reminder/Receipt.

n PS 3970-D, Leave Sharing Program: Request to Donate Leave.

n PS 4000-A, Retail Lobby Observation.

n PS 4004-C, Customized Packaging Business Case.

n PS 4004-SP, Specialized Packaging Order Form.

n PS 5053, Bulk Proof of Delivery Application.

n PS 5111, Address Information System (AIS) Viewer Order Form.

n PS 5542, Scheduled Pickup on Demand Service Agreement.

n PS 5543, No Fee Pickup Service Agreement.

n PS 5544, Pickup Services Escalation Form.

n PS 5545, Customer Pickup Services Request.

n PS 5630, Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice.

n PS 5639, USPSCA Application and Payment Authorization Form.

n PS 5659, Daily Passport Application (DS-11) Transmittal.

n PS 5956-EXE, Executive Employee Probationary Period Report.

n PS 5956-MGR, EAS Managerial Employee Probationary Period Report.

n PS 5956-SUP, EAS Supervisory Employee Probationary Period Report.

n PS 6002, Accounts and Services To Be Paid Through CAPS.

n PS 6813, Non-Mailable Item Fact Sheet.

n PS 8016, Plant-Load Mailing Log.

n PS 8017, Expedited Plant-Load Shipment Clearance.

n PS 8165, U.S. Postal Inspection Service Mail Fraud Report.

n PS 8176, Premium Forwarding Service (PFS) Application.

n PS 8190, USPS-NALC Joint Step A Grievance Form.




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HBK PO-102


Self Service Vending Operational and Marketing Program


HBK PO-505


Retail Management Information System Quick Reference Guide


LAB 291-FL


Return to Sender (OFAC) (Miami, FL ISC)

LAB 291

LAB 291-IL


Return to Sender (OFAC) (Chicago, IL ISC)

LAB 291

LAB 291-LA


Return to Sender (OFAC) (Los Angeles, CA ISC)

LAB 291

LAB 291-NY


Return to Sender (OFAC) (New York ISC)

LAB 291

LAB 291-SF


Return to Sender (OFAC) (San Francisco, CA ISC)

LAB 291

MI AS-310-96-3


Management of Policy and Procedure Information Paper and Online

MI AS-310-2013-6

MI DM-505-2013-1


Business Reply Mail Management Review

MI DM-505-2013-3

MI EL-810-2009-1


Electrical Work Plan

MI EL-810-2013-5

MI PO-120-82-7


Express Mail Volume and Operation Coordination




Postmaster Vacancy




Address Change Service Traditional


PUB 128


Strategic Improvement Guide for Flats Processing


PS 1199-A


Direct Deposit


PS 1578-B


Requisition for Facing Slips or Labels


PS 5366


Railroad Station Mail Report


PS 5640


Online Express Mail Daily Log


PS 7319-C


Representations and Certifications (Type of Business Organization)