America’s businesses rely on mail

Core business strategy no. 1: Strengthening our business-to-consumer channel.

America’s businesses rely on mail to reach consumers. This business-to-consumer channel includes billing statements and notifications sent using First-Class Mail, as well as advertisements and offers sent via Standard Mail, which will continue to be our primary revenue base.

Even though Americans are getting information digitally, they still value the physical delivery of mail. They still spend a lot of time looking at their mail and they still use it to make purchasing decisions. Simply put, they get ideas about what to buy from their mail and they act on it.

As long as this is so, businesses will continue to receive significant value from their investment in the mail.

In a competitive environment with many marketing and communications options, strengthening the mail channel ensures a meaningful return on investment for the sender, and provides a compelling experience for the receiver. In FY2011, the Postal Service took significant steps to strengthen and improve the value that businesses get from the mail.