Measuring Employee Engagement

With such a large workforce, gauging employee opinion of the workplace environment is critical to improving management practices and gaining a high-level of employee engagement and commitment to the success of the Postal Service. Employee engagement is measured through the Voice of the Employee (VOE) survey. VOE surveys are administered by a third-party vendor who tabulates the results and reports them back to the Postal Service in summary form.

Once per year, each career employee is given a way to confidentially express their opinions about his or her work environment. Participation is voluntary and employees can complete the survey on-the-clock. In 2013, 258,312 or 52 percent of employees responded to the VOE survey.

In FY2013, the Postal Service set a national target of achieving an index score of 64.95. The national score for FY2013 was 64.70. Even in the face of current financial and restructuring challenges, employees remain committed to the Postal Service and to delivering the mail and packages for America. Responses to our FY2013 Voice of the Employee (VOE) survey confirm that 76 percent of employees feel a personal responsibility to help the Postal Service succeed as a business, 74 percent are proud to work for the Postal Service, and 83 percent understand how their work affects service.

The Postal Service remains committed to improving the way we measure employee engagement, administering the survey online for non-bargaining employees in FY2013, and in FY2014, we will extend the VOE survey participation to non-career employees.