Customer Development

The Postal Service continues to achieve success with employee lead-generation programs. Employees participating in the Business Connect, Customer Connect, Rural Reach, and Submit-a-Lead programs have brought many new customers to the Postal Service.

Business Connect helps postmasters and local managers market postal services to local businesses. Postmasters have always been a vital part of the communities they serve. Business Connect builds on this role by providing tools and training to identify new revenue prospects, make professional product presentations, and establish themselves as a key local business resource.

Customer Connect engages city carriers to help identify small businesses that could benefit by increasing their use of postal services. Carrier referrals are provided to sales representatives, who then meet with customers to better understand their needs and recommend the right solutions. Customer Connect continues to increase revenue and participation.

Rural Reach is a lead-generation program for rural carriers, and follows the same approach as Customer Connect. Rural carriers identify potential businesses on their routes that can benefit from learning more about postal products.

The Submit-a-Lead program is for employees, including clerks, mail handlers, and administrative staff not participating in Customer Connect, Rural Reach, or Business Connect.