Sales Programs

The sales organization had a productive year, continuing its successful employee engagement programs and helping product development teams introduce new services to business customers. For example, Sales personnel engaged customers interested in participating in this year’s Standard Mail Incentive Program (“Summer Sale”) and the year-long Saturation Mail Incentive Program. Sales also helped service bureaus and campaign support organizations expand and enhance their use of mail in connection with this year’s elections.

The national sales organization consists of support functions and sales personnel located throughout the country who work with all businesses, from the largest corporations to the newest eBay seller. There are sales personnel, for example, in every state and each major metropolitan area who specifically handle small and mid-size businesses interested in expanding their use of mail. There are sales personnel who develop customized solutions for commercial customers, regardless of the size of shipping or logistical operations. And there are sales personnel who concentrate on helping customers of all sizes incorporate effective advertising mail campaigns into marketing and sales plans.

The Postal Service also participated in 48 regional and national tradeshows for various industry segments. Tradeshow participation brought in nearly 3,000 sales leads, which yielded $18 million in new revenue.

Several teams also work primarily with the largest commercial customers. The Strategic Account Managers focus on mail owners. Business Alliances Managers focus on service providers. A third team assists civilian agencies and military commands in the federal sector. Finally, a dedicated group at headquarters provides sales support services to ensure that sales tools are available, processes are in place, and strategies are will coordinated among postal functions, and between customers and the Postal Service.

image of a customer receiving a priority mail flate rate box while a rural carrier scans the package