Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides employees and family members with free, voluntary, and confidential counseling from licensed professionals. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in convenient locations to help with challenges that affect employees’ lives at home and at work. Employees and eligible family members receive assistance that helps them to cope with a wide range of emotional, financial, legal, chemical dependency, marital, and family related issues. More than 24,957 employees and family members received counseling.

The EAP responded to 333 critical incidents that impacted employee work engagement to some degree. A critical incident is an event which causes disruption to the organization or creates significant danger or risk which may traumatically affect employees. Incidents may include the sudden death of a co-worker, a vehicle accident, suicide, homicide, or natural disaster. From these incidents, 22,220 employees received services in the form of individual sessions or grief groups. EAP also provides consultation to managers and supervisors on issues involving individual workers and the work environment. The EAP engaged 20,345 managers, supervisors, or union officials in individual consultations.

The EAP Internet site has experienced growing demand for information on financial planning and coping with stress, relationships, and anxiety. This year saw usage double for three months during the holiday season.