Employee Communications

Keeping employees informed about the state of the postal business is essential, especially with a volatile economy and rapid changes in the communications marketplace. The goal is a well-informed workforce fully engaged in meeting customer needs and growing the business. This year employee communications focused on the need for structural business model changes and the 10-year action plan, Ensuring a Viable Postal Service for America, released in March.

Employees also had access to a growing number of video presentations from executives on operations (Field Updates), financial results (Dollars and ¢hange), information technology (IT3), retail (Talkin’ Retail), and sustainability (Going Green).

To enhance overall employee communication efforts, two critical human resources Web sites were enhanced and launched via the intranet and extranet channels. Featuring improved access to critical life, career, health information and applications, these two Web sites are improving overall employee engagement by adding 24/7 online access.