July 11, 2019

San Francisco processing facility introduces newest in package processing equipment

Media tours, employee appreciation day and interactive hiring booth part of festivities

package sorting system


The U.S. Postal Service in San Francisco is processing hefty packages at lightning speed without breaking a sweat, thanks to the installation of new package sorting technology the Universal Sorting System (USS).

As the size of packages have grown with the demand of online shopping, the need for an ergonomic, fast and cost-effective solution has grown as well. The USS machine can sort packages that exceed 25 pounds and 46 inches in length and thus eliminating the need for a more physically demanding manual process. The semi-automated system also ramps up production time and can easily process 1,600 pieces per hour.

With the lighter load and increased production time, the San Francisco Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) is able to not only reduce costs but also get packages to their final destinations at competitive speeds.

The P&DC recently installed the USS in the facility and will hold a ribbon cutting for their employees during a special employee family appreciation day. The media is invited to attend the ribbon cutting at 12:30 PM.

The San Francisco District has its eyes on not only innovation but growth. The District is celebrating the availability of career carrier positions for the first time in over a decade. An interactive HR booth will be featured onsite to answer questions like how to apply, what benefits are available and what is it like to be a carrier?


Saturday, July 13
12:30 PM Ribbon Cutting


San Francisco Processing & Distribution Center
1300 Evans St.
San Francisco, CA 94188

MEDIA ALERT: For entry into the San Francisco P&DC, call Kristina Uppal at 415-550-5759, kristina.uppal@usps.gov


Due to an increase in package sizes and weight variations as a result of online shopping, the USS was developed to improve the employee and customer experience with both processing and delivering these larger packages seen in the postal network.

The Bay Area will receive two additional USS machines by peak season in other processing facilities. The USPS has the most sophisticated mail processing and delivery network in the world and maintains a keen eye on product, performance, price and most importantly people.

Innovations in other areas such as Informed Delivery, Direct Mail, Informed Visibility and an investment in our people is what keeps the Post Office the people’s choice in mail delivery.



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