Aug. 11, 2022

Danville Letter Carrier Makes Surprise Visit

Child has Postal Service-themed birthday party

Danville Letter Carrier Taylor Edwards makes a special delivery to former customer Aedyn Huffman.

Danville Letter Carrier Taylor Edwards makes a special delivery to former customer Aedyn Huffman on his birthday. Additional photos available upon request.

DANVILLE, KY — Aedyn Huffman loves mail, USPS, and his letter carriers. So, none of Aedyn’s friends and family were surprised that his recent birthday party had a Postal Service theme. The real surprise was just for Aedyn, though, when Danville Letter Carrier Taylor Edwards arrived during the party to personally deliver Aedyn’s birthday cards and packages.

Aedyn’s father, Kyle Huffman, had secretly reached out to Edwards to invite him to the party. Edwards and Aedyn formed a special bond when Edwards was the Huffman’s regular letter carrier.

According to Kyle, “He took the initiative on his day off to come out and support my son on his birthday and help us celebrate with him. My son is developmentally delayed, so this meant so much to him - and to his family”.

“I have always been inspired by Aedyn’s interest in the post office. He is a wonderful young man and I was happy to be a part of the celebration,” said Edwards, who was more than willing to make the day memorable for Aedyn. Although the party was on his day off, he dressed in full uniform and arranged with the Danville Post Office to fulfill this wish for his customer and friend.

Edwards delivers on another route these days, but he and Aedyn have kept in touch. Aedyn’s Dad wants to make sure everyone knows what a special person Edwards is. “Its people like him who make this world a better place,” he said.

Edwards exemplifies the dedication of the 650,000 postal employees across the nation who are committed to putting the Postmaster General’s Delivering for America 10-year plan into action by providing excellent customer service.

The Postal Service generally receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products, and services to fund its operations.



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