Oct. 4, 2022

Two Hundred Twenty-Four Detroit Area Letter Carriers drive one million accident-free miles

Detroit, MI — Good drivers are a dime a dozen, but safe drivers who dedicate their careers to safety and efficiency are worthy of recognition. In a world of constant driver distractions, 224 Detroit area postal letter carriers maintained their focus and concern on the safety for themselves and others on the road. The 224 mail carriers were recently inducted into the National Safety Council “Million Mile Club.”

Imagine driving the equivalent of 334 times across the country or 40 times around the earth without ever leaving the city limits with not so much as a fender-bender. The achievement is even more remarkable when you factor in the hazardous weather conditions, gridlock, city road work, and the constant alertness for careless drivers along the way.

“Our postal drivers are amongst the safest drivers in the Nation,” said Michigan-1 District Manager Rick Moreton. “The truly remarkable achievement by our letter carriers demonstrates how postal employees continue to Deliver for America on the promise of delivering their best every day with care, courtesy and concern for the safety of others.”

Each driver was presented with a plaque from the Safety Council and automatic membership in the prestigious National Safety Council “Million Mile Club.” The million-mile award is a lifetime enrollment, and it is given to drivers who have accumulated one-million miles or 30 years of driving without being involved in a single preventable motor vehicle accident, a truly remarkable achievement according to the National Safety Council.

NOTE: To follow one of the 224 letter carriers while on the route for photo and interview, please email or call Strategic Communications Specialist Elizabeth Najduch at (313) 268-0540 or Elizabeth.najduch@usps.gov

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