Jan. 12, 2023

Rochester Retail Associate Edward Kane will be honored with a 55-Year Service Award


Edward Kane, Rochester, MI Post Office, has achieved something most people will never do, serve 55 years with a single employer, in this case the United States Postal Service. For his dedication and commitment, Kane will be honored with a 55-Year Service Award.


Friday, January 13, 2023 at 8:45 a.m.


Rochester Post Office
511 Olde Towne Road
Rochester, MI 48308


Richard Moreton, District Manager, USPS Michigan 1 District
Robert Collier, Postmaster, Rochester, MI Post Office
Edward Kane, Retail Associate, Rochester, MI Post Office


Edward Kane began his postal career waiting in an alley outside the post office for a mail bus to drop the day’s mail for delivery. Four to five employees would sort mail in a mail bus as it would drive round trip from northern Michigan to the Detroit area, distributing mail to the smaller towns during its daily journey. Kane is a customer favorite as he services the community, as he thinks of as family, in the retail lobby.



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