March 18, 2019

Postal Service Shares Tips on how to Avoid Mail Interruptions for Flood Impacted Customers

OMAHA, NE — The United States Postal Service wants to remind customers who have evacuated or relocated due to the “Bomb Cyclone” and subsequent flooding to submit a change of address, place mail on hold or request that mail be temporarily forwarded to their new location.  We do not have the ability to make your mail available at our other post offices without a change of address.

There are three services that will help customers avoid interruptions of their mail:

Option 1: Submit a temporary Change of Address online or at your nearest Post Office. The temporary Change of Address can be used for a period of 15 days up to one year. Mail is forwarded piece by piece. To request a temporary Change of Address, go to and click on the “Manage Your Mail” tab or visit your nearest Post Office and complete a Change of Address form.

Option 2: If you have been displaced and don’t have a permanent address, General Delivery service allows you to pick up your mail for up to 30 days at a designated Postal identified location in your current community. Make sure senders of your mail use the ZIP Code for the area’s designated Post Office. The ZIP+4 will indicate General Delivery.

An example of a properly-formatted General Delivery address looks like this:
Anytown, NE 68XXX

You can also obtain the proper General Delivery address information at any Post Office, or by selecting the “Look Up a ZIP Code” button on the home page. Using the ZIP Code lookup tool, type “General Delivery” in the address line, followed by the City and State, and click “Find.” The General Delivery location’s ZIP Code will be provided.

To find the Post Office that handles General Delivery in any area, call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) and request “Customer Service.”

  1. Temporary Change of Address:
    • A temporary Change of Address Order (COA) provides for “piece-by piece” forwarding of primarily First-Class Mail® service and Periodicals for a specified period of time, but generally does not provide the forwarding of USPS Marketing Mail® or Package Services Mail.
  2. Permanent Change of Address:
    • A permanent Change of Address (COA) order provides for “piece-by-piece” forwarding of primarily First-Class Mail® service for 12 months and Periodicals for 60 days, but generally does not provide the forwarding of USPS Marketing Mail® service or Package Services Mail. The customer's new address is provided to business mailers upon request through mailer endorsements on a mailpiece.

      For more information on filing a permanent or temporary change of address refer to Change of Address - The Basics.

Option 3: Premium Forwarding Service is the fastest, most complete forwarding service available. The service is temporary, requires a fee, and may be used for anywhere from 15 days up to one year. The difference with this service is that your mail is that your mail bundled and sent to you every Wednesday via Priority Mail, the Postal Service’s two- to three-day service.

To sign up for all of the available forwarding and Change of Address services, please visit your nearest Post Office or go to and click on the “Manage Your Mail” tab.

Lastly, Customers are encouraged to sign up for Informed Delivery at The free notification feature provides outside images of letter-sized mail destined for home delivery via a daily email or through  Images can be viewed as email notifications or accessed through an online dashboard. To sign up or find more information on the feature, go to



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