Aug. 16, 2022

Stay Alert! School’s Back In Session

Help Keep Children Safe As They Return To School

MILWAUKEE, WI – School’s back in session. That means more children will be walking and riding to and from school. It also means an increase in young pedestrians potentially darting across road­ways or wandering in front of alleys and driveways.

The Postal Service is asking moms, dads and school officials to remind children about taking extra precautions to avoid potential accidents around mailboxes and postal vehicles. 

“Our postal employees plan on being extra careful when driving at or near schools or playgrounds,” says Milwaukee Postmaster Wanda Prater.  “But we need the support of every member from the local community to help keep our children safe.”

There are several precautions students can take to avoid accidents. First, never approach a postal vehicle when a letter carrier is delivering the mail. Second, wait for the mail to be delivered before retrieving it from the mailbox. Third, children should never take mail directly from a letter carrier that is delivering mail from inside a vehicle.

“If children approach a vehicle, the letter carrier will get out and ask the children to move away,” Prater said. “The carrier will deliver the mail directly to the box.”

Children should also limit the use of smart phones and other portable devices as well pay attention to local street signs and observe the rules of the road when riding a bicycle. Additionally, children should refrain from playing electronic games while walking outside, so they can be aware of the surroundings and avoid any potential accidents. Observing these tips will help keep children safe during the busy days of a new school year.

The Postal Service generally receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products, and services to fund its operations.



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