Australia Post advises that government-imposed restrictions in Melbourne due to COVID-19 have affected its operations for the state of Victoria. Because of a reduction in processing capacity, acceptance of inbound international letters and parcels at the Melbourne office of exchange is temporarily suspended. Express mail service items will continue to be accepted and processed. Australia Post requests that all inbound international letters and parcels be diverted to another office of exchange (Brisbane, Perth or Sydney) until the restrictions have been lifted.


Australia Post advises that it has declared a situation of force majeure for all inbound and outbound letters, parcels and express mail service items until further notice. Precautionary measures imposed by the government to curb spread of COVID-19 are affecting daily operations and services offered by airlines and other transportation providers. This is having a direct impact on service quality for both international inbound and outbound mail. Customers should expect delivery delays.


Australia Post advises that it has temporarily suspended signature upon delivery for inbound items, effective immediately, in order to limit face-to-face methods of delivery and reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).