Estonia’s post advises that the government has declared a nationwide lockdown to minimize spread of COVID-19. Postal services will continue to operate but under certain restrictions. Items normally requiring the addressee’s signature upon delivery will be handed over without signature. All items that cannot be delivered to a postal box or at the recipient’s address will be transferred to pickup points.


Estonia’s post advises that inbound items will be delivered at agreed delivery standards with some changes to signature procedures for registered letters and other shipments.


Estonian Post advises the government ended a state of emergency May 17 and all postal services have resumed. All inbound items will be delivered as follows: delivery standards will be met as agreed, registered letters will be delivered to the addressee with collection of the addressee’s signature, and all courier shipments requiring a signature will be delivered to the addressee and a photo taken of the address card signed by the addressee.


Estonian Post advises that since May 5, 2020, all inbound items are being delivered as follows:

  • Delivery standards are not yet fully adaptable, but are as normal as possible;
  • All courier shipments requiring a signature are delivered to the addressee (there is a photo of the address card signed by the addressee);
  • Registered letters containing documents are delivered without a required signature to the recipient’s postal box;
  • All registered small packets are available via pick up points.


Estonian Post advises that due to a government-declared state of emergency until May 1 (subject to change) there will be temporary changes to services. It can no longer guarantee service delivery standards and is declaring a situation of force majeure. Also, the post has suspended signature on delivery for inbound items requiring proof of delivery in order to avoid direct contact. Registered items will be delivered to mailboxes where possible. In case of delivery to the person, the courier will enter the receiver’s name on a handheld device but with the word “Courier” in place of signature. Parcels will still be delivered to the addressee but in place of the signature there will be an image of an address card, which the recipient will first be asked to sign.