La Poste advises that transitional measures designed to lift a state of sanitary emergency will begin July 11 (except for French Guiana and Mayotte). The government will be implementing various measures to combat spread of COVID-19. The post reports all activities are gradually resuming across its postal network (except French Guiana and Mayotte). Parcels up to 30 kg can now be processed, subject to the longest dimension not exceeding 1 m and/or the three dimensions combined not exceeding 1.5 m (i.e. L+W+H  must be less than 1.50 m). All post offices will be open to the public during July and August. However, compliance with delivery standards and times still cannot be guaranteed and earlier restrictions to service standards will continue to apply. The processing and delivery of mail may still be subject to delays throughout the country and the situation of force majeure will remain in force until September 30.


La Poste advises that government restrictions to reduce spread of COVID-19 remain in effect until July 10. The post is making every effort to ensure delivery of letters and resume delivery of priority items, parcels, daily newspapers and registered letters, as well as collections from post boxes. Due to staffing impacts, there may be processing and delivery delays throughout the country. La Poste asks that the sending of heavy and bulky parcels continue to be limited as far as possible until the situation returns to normal. This applies to parcels exceeding 20 kg in weight and whose longest dimension exceeds 1 m and/or whose three dimensions combined exceed 1.5 m (i.e. L+W+H  must be less than 1.50 m). Accordingly, restrictions previously set out regarding service standards continue to apply and the situation of force majeure remains in force.


La Poste advises the government has extended until July 10 a state of emergency and travel restrictions to limit spread of COVID-19. La Poste will gradually resume six-day delivery for priority mail, parcels, daily newspapers and registered letters, as well as collections from post boxes. However, lockdown restrictions will remain in place for certain categories of La Poste staff and certain regions, which could cause delays in processing and delivery. There is no guarantee of meeting normal delivery deadlines. La Poste requests that customers avoid sending large or heavy parcels exceeding 15 kg or larger than 1 m in their greatest dimension and/or having combined dimensions of 1.5 m (l+w+h>150 cm) until the situation returns to normal.


La Poste advises that the government has extended until May 11 measures aimed at combating spread of COVID-19. The post can no longer guarantee or maintain delivery standards and is declaring a situation of force majeure with regard to all of these standards. La Poste has limited capacity to send outbound mail to certain countries and is not accepting mail destined for these countries. Regarding inbound mail, customers should not send any non-urgent mail items destined for France. There are restrictions on certain letter items as well as size of parcels. Signature on delivery remains suspended until further notice. Operations continue with significantly reduced workforce. Post office opening hours have been modified and there will be a gradual reopening of many locations that had been closed.


La Poste advises that due to steps taken in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including home confinement for the majority of the population, it has implemented a new organization based on three working days per employee available to work. Consequently, the capacity of the postal network will be significantly reduced. La Poste will be unable to accept inbound letter flows in their entirety for the upcoming weeks, with this mail received only Tuesday through Friday. Efforts will be focused on urgent flows and delivery of small packets able to help people during this confinement period which lasts through April 15, or a later date announced by the government. Customers are advised to defer non-urgent shipments to France. For the same reason, La Poste will be unable to receive the following letter items: non-priority, M bags, returns, international business reply, transit mail, and rail and sea dispatches.


Priority Mail Express International guarantee suspended — Due to airline travel restrictions and cancellations, the U.S. Postal Service has temporarily suspended the guarantee on Priority Mail Express International destined to France. This suspension will be in effect until further notice. The Postal Service is taking all reasonable measures to minimize impact to our customers.