Luxembourg Post advises that there are disruptions to service in parts of the country due to flooding that has affected transportation and led to some evacuations. Postcode areas affected are: 10xx, 29xx, 58xx, 59xx, 64xx, 65xx, 66xx, 67xx, 68xx, 74xx, 75xx and 94xx.


Luxembourg’s post advises that the delivery of letters will be suspended on April 10.


Post Luxembourg advises international and domestic operations will continue as normal insofar as possible. However, several measures have been implemented to ensure safety of both customers and staff. In general, post offices will remain open (with some exceptions) but will be closed on Saturdays. For mail items requiring signature on delivery, the addressee’s signature will be replaced by the postal carrier’s signature, together with the delivery code, in the signature field. Post Luxembourg is no longer able to guarantee delivery times or comply with standard rules for signature on delivery.