Malta’s post advises that due to new government measures to control the pandemic, inbound and outbound letter-post, parcel-post and EMS services remain severely disrupted due to very limited airline capacity to Malta. This disruption is expected to continue until airlines resume normal operations and sufficient transportation capacity becomes available. To abide with national health guidelines, the post is also adapting its domestic operations as appropriate to protect the health of postal workers. Malta’s post cannot currently guarantee delivery standards and times. Delays in the processing and delivery of mail are also to be expected.


Malta’s post advises that inbound and outbound mail services continue to be severely affected by limited airline operations due to the COVID-19 emergency. The post also has adapted its operations as appropriate to comply with national health guidelines. The post cannot guarantee delivery standards and times. Delays in mail processing and delivery are expected and compliance with quality of service standards will continue to be affected by force majeure.


MaltaPost advises that it has resumed collection of signatures on delivery for all mail requiring it. Confirmation of deliveries will be provided through event scans for products that allow tracking.

Delays for both inbound and outbound mail remain, especially at the international mail processing center, due to cancellation of international flights. This disruption is expected to continue until airlines resume normal operations and sufficient transport capacity becomes available. Consequently, the post is still unable to guarantee quality of service and delivery standards for letters, parcels and express mail service items. The case of force majeure already invoked remains in force. Additionally, delays can occur in processing and delivery of all types of domestic and international items due to social distancing rules among staff and between staff and customers.


MaltaPost advises that it is suspending signature on delivery as part of efforts to minimize spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). For these items, the post employee will ask for the recipient’s name and ID number, and this information will be entered in the signature field on the registration barcode sticker.