Netherlands’ post advises that due to a partial lockdown in force to combat COVID-19, it has adapted its operations to ensure continuity of all services provided to customers while protecting the health of postal workers and the general public. Previous restrictions regarding handover procedures will continue to apply and the post may not be able to ensure that inbound and outbound mail standards are met.


Netherlands post advises that it has made further changes to the delivery procedure for all international inbound items that would normally require a signature. It no longer provides a recipient’s signature for registered items, parcels or express mail service items. Alternative proofs of delivery have been implemented, including signature of the delivery person, last three digits of the addressee’s identity card or simply a proof of delivery scan event.


Netherlands’ post advises that to minimize the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), all mail requiring signature on delivery will no longer be signed at the moment of handover to the recipient. A procedure has been established for the carrier to enter a recipient’s reference number. This temporary measure will be effective until further notice.