Portugal’s post advises that the government has announced a new lockdown through Jan. 7 to combat a resurgence of COVID-19. The post will continue to provide postal services but will operate with a reduced workforce and subject to new restrictions and safety guidelines. Processing and delivery of all types of inbound and outbound mail will continue to be affected, and the post is unable to guarantee compliance with agreed standards. A force majeure situation remains in place until further notice.


Portugal’s post advises that the situation in Portugal with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic has deteriorated. Therefore, the Portuguese government has declared a new state of emergency, effective Nov. 9, which will be reassessed every two weeks.

During the state of emergency, postal services will continue to function, subject to the restrictions imposed by reinforced measures aimed at minimizing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting the health of staff and customers. Owing to social distancing measures, such as staggered shift patterns, and the implementation of mandatory isolation and quarantine requirements, Portugal’s post will be operating with a reduced workforce.

The processing and delivery of all types of service will be affected, including inbound and outbound letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items. As a result, Portugal’s post is unable to meet its contractual obligations, particularly with regard to delivery times for letters, parcels and EMS items, standard rules for collection of signature on delivery, hand delivery, tracking of shipments (capture and transmission times), processing of cash on delivery, and insured items. Therefore, the situation of force majeure previously declared will continue to apply until further notice.


CTT Correios de Portugal advises that a state of alert is in force throughout the country, with additional restrictions in some areas. Social distancing and hygiene measures are still in place, with partial teleworking whenever possible, and work schedule adjustments which have an impact on normal inbound and outbound processing. Inbound operational conditions remain difficult, especially at the Lisbon office of exchange. Road transportation is still in use under operational conditions adapted to the current situation. The unloading of bulky and palletized loads from trucks arriving at the Lisbon office of exchange may also be subject to delays.

As regards outbound operations, international transport capacity is gradually improving, but it is still confined to certain airlines only, and flight schedules are limited. Therefore, CTT Correios de Portugal is unable to accept letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items for destinations for which there is no transport availability. The list of available destinations is updated continuously, and is available at www.ctt.pt/transversais/alertas-envios-internacionais.

Measures to gradually resume normal operations are being implemented wherever possible. However, the force majeure situation previously announced remains in force, with an impact on quality of service and on the processing and delivery of all types.


Portugal’s post advises that the government has extended until May 2 measures aimed at combating spread of COVID-19. Service restrictions and situation of force majeure are extended until further notice.


Portugal’s post advises that it is experiencing severe impacts on service quality for international inbound and outbound mail services as a result of government measures intended to combat spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes an extended state of emergency until at least April 17. To eliminate customer interaction at the door and meet physical distancing requirements, registered mail is now deposited in mailboxes, with the exception of registered mail with associated special services for which the postal employee will ask for the recipient’s name and enter it in the signature field on the handheld device. Items subject to a delivery notice are now available for collection at postal outlets and post offices for a longer period of time, namely 15 working days. The post continues to be unable to dispatch postal items to many destinations due to the extremely difficult air transport situation. Please visit www.ctt.pt/transversais/alertas-envios-internacionais#fndtn-tab1 for up-to-date information on countries.

The post is currently unable to meet its contractual obligations, particularly regarding delivery times, standard rules for signature on delivery, hand delivery, tracking of shipments, processing of cash on delivery and insured value. Therefore, the situation of force majeure declared previously is extended until further notice.