Thailand’s post advises that the government has declared a state of emergency to minimize spread of COVID-19. Public health measures and restrictions are affecting international inbound and outbound postal operations and a situation of force majeure is invoked with respect to quality of service until the situation returns to normal.


Thailand’s post advises that the government has taken special measures to combat increasing COVID-19 cases, including a lockdown of Samut Sakhon province. There is limited access to affected areas and expect delays in handling and delivery for all types of international postal services. Signature upon delivery may also be suspended. Thailand Post is unable to guarantee quality standards for any category of inbound and outbound mail until further notice.


Thailand Post advises that a lockdown and curfew have been lifted and all postal services are back to normal. However, delays are expected for outbound mail due to a limited number of flights.


Thailand Post advises that the government has begun lifting restrictions due to COVID-19 and the situation is gradually returning to normal. Thailand Post is now able to send mail to many destinations but delays are to be expected. The list of available outbound destinations can be found at The post is accepting inbound mail as usual and making deliveries in compliance with government-mandated measures to prevent spread of the coronavirus. However, impacts to transit services remain.


Thailand Post advises that the government-imposed state of emergency through April 30 may have a severe impact on service quality for international inbound and outbound services, and service delivery standards can no longer be guaranteed. The post is treating this situation as a case of force majeure. Moreover, owing to suspension of flights from and to Thailand, and the resulting lack of transport capacity, Thailand Post is currently unable to send mail  to a growing number of countries. Visit for up-to-date information on these countries. Processing of inbound mail items is proceeding, however customers should expect delays for all types of inbound mail. Signature on delivery for international services that would ordinarily require the recipient’s signature is still provided wherever possible. In cases where the recipient refuses to sign, the delivery office will sign on the recipient’s behalf.