Thailand Post advises that a significant number of new COVID-19 cases has led the government to extend a nationwide state of emergency until Sept. 30. The post will continue to provide services but will be operating with a reduced workforce and under new restrictions and safety guidelines. This could impact mail processing for international inbound and outbound items and service delivery standards. A force majeure continues until further notice.


Thailand Post advises that, following a number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 among the Thailand Post workforce, post offices in various parts of the country have been temporarily closed in accordance with government measures. During this period, Thailand Post will continue to provide postal services, and will work with local authorities to manage the situation and make necessary adjustments to ensure the delivery and processing of inbound and outbound mail. However, with a reduced workforce, Thailand Post is unable to guarantee compliance with the agreed standards.


Thailand Post advises that operations at the Laksi mail processing center have returned to normal. Mail processing had been subject to delays since May 20 due to a reduction in the workforce.


Thailand’s post advises that cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed among operating staff handling inbound letter-post items at the Laksi mail processing center. Quarantine and other public health measures have been implemented at the facility, resulting in a reduction in the workforce. Delays are expected in processing, customs clearance and delivery of all inbound letter-post services destined for Thailand. A backlog resulting from the temporary closure of the Suvarnabhumi Office of Exchange has been cleared and operations there have returned to normal.


Thailand Post advises that the Suvarnabhumi Office of Exchange has reopened and normal operations have resumed.


Thailand’s post advises that the Suvarnabhumi office of exchange will be closed through May 4 due to several cases of COVID-19 at the facility. Expect delays in processing of all inbound and outbound international mail already accepted or received. Outbound international services to all destinations will be suspended during this period. The exchange office is scheduled to resume operations on May 5.


Thailand’s post advises that the government has declared a state of emergency to minimize spread of COVID-19. Public health measures and restrictions are affecting international inbound and outbound postal operations and a situation of force majeure is invoked with respect to quality of service until the situation returns to normal.