Adobe Form Client 5.0 Filler

Adobe Form Client 5.0 has replaced F3Fill as the Postal Service corporate standard for automated forms.

Forms created in F3Fill are no longer supported within Microsoft Outlook. F3Fill email attachments will not successfully be transmitted. No new copies of F3Fill will be installed on desktop or laptop computers.

Adobe Form Client provides streamlined functionality for calculations, including a spell check feature, the ability to email forms and/or data from within the software, a tabbing function for visually impaired users, form fill assistance, and data–saving capability.

The Postal Service has a corporate license for Adobe Form Client 5.0 Filler software. The software is distributed as part of the Advanced Computing Environment (ACE). For help with the installation of the software, call:

All automated forms are available from the Intranet ( The forms are sorted by name and number. Form Client forms have a Form Client icon displayed in the right–most column of the Web page. To access a Form Client form, click on the Form Client icon or press the Enter key while on a particular form’s icon. Form Client will automatically launch with the selected form.

To request that a form be automated or to request enhancements to an existing automated form, send an email message to Forms Management at