Isaac Cronkhite

Chief Processing and Distribution Officer and Executive Vice President

Isaac Cronkhite, Chief Processing and Distribution Officer and Executive Vice President

Isaac Cronkhite was named chief processing and distribution officer and executive vice president in June 2022. He reports to the Postmaster General and chief executive officer.

In this role, Cronkhite leads more than 140,000 employees in all Postal Service facilities that process and distribute mail and packages to the organization’s logistics and delivery partners. He plays a key role in transforming and standardizing the Postal Service’s plant infrastructure and processes. He is also responsible for setting and implementing strategy for all processing and distribution operations and facilities across the country. With his leadership team, he manages all operations occurring within the four walls of processing facilities from receipt to dispatch. His team focuses on creating precision, reliability and efficiency by empowering people and implementing standardized processes.

Before this role, Cronkhite served as chief logistics and processing officer and executive vice president, where he led logistics and processing operations and was responsible for the day-to-day activities of 160,000 career employees working in 308 logistics and processing facilities.

Cronkhite began his Postal Service career in 2004 as an industrial engineering trainee in Boston, Massachusetts. Previously, he served as chief human resources officer and executive vice president, where he executed strategies to engage the Postal Service workforce and developed solutions that strengthened the workplace experience to cultivate talent across the organization. He led the continued modernization of the integrated human resource platform and leveraged technology, data and business intelligence to equip, empower and engage employees. He has also served as vice president, Enterprise Analytics; and manager, Processing Operations at Postal Service Headquarters in Washington, DC; senior plant manager in Richmond, Virginia; plant manager in Brockton, Massachusetts; and manager, in-plant support at the Northwest Boston, Massachusetts, facility.

Cronkhite holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial and systems engineering from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree in business administration as a Sloan Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Latest update: March 2023