Alan Caramella

Judicial Officer

Alan Caramella, Judicial Officer

Judge Alan Caramella was appointed Judicial Officer by Postmaster General DeJoy in April 2021. He has acted in that role since June 2019. In that capacity, Judge Caramella serves as chairman of the Postal Service Board of Contract Appeals under the Contract Disputes Act and as vice president of the Judicial Officer department.

The Judicial Officer department is a neutral court system within the Postal Service whose judges are independent decision-makers. It is comprised of the Judicial Officer, the Office of Administrative Law Judges and the Postal Service Board of Contract Appeals. As acting Judicial Officer, Judge Caramella exercises the delegated authority of the Postmaster General to issue final agency decisions on a wide range of statutory and regulatory matters involving the Postal Service.

Judge Caramella joined the Postal Service’s Office of the Judicial Officer as Administrative Judge in 2013. His previous experience includes serving as a law clerk at the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals. He then worked as a trial attorney for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Litigation Office from 1992 to 2008. Before joining the Postal Service, Judge Caramella worked for the Air Force Commercial Law and Litigation Directorate, where he served as a trial attorney, Deputy Chief Trial Attorney, and then as the Air Force Chief Trial Attorney.

Judge Caramella received a bachelors degree at International Relations from Brigham Young University. He then graduated from the Case Western Reserve University Law School with his Juris Doctorate.

Latest update: April 2021