Opt out of all cookies

Changing cookie settings

Listed below are steps for disabling cookies in some of the more popular web browsers. For newer or older versions, or for unlisted browser types, please reference the help files associated with that particular software.

Mozilla Firefox

Cookies are enabled by default in Firefox. To change the setting, click the menu button and select Content Blocking from the menu. In the panel that displays, select Custom, then check the box to block cookies.

You can also select the types of cookies to block. By default only third-party tracking cookies are blocked, but you can choose to block more if desired.

Google Chrome

Click the menu button at the upper right, then click on Advanced.

Under Privacy & Security click Site Settings > Cookies.

Set Allow site to save and read cookie data to off.

Microsoft Edge

Click the menu button at the upper right, then click on Settings.

Click on View Advanced Settings.

In the Cookies section, select the option from the drop-down to block cookies.

Internet Explorer 11

Clock on the Tools button (gear icon), then select Internet options.

Select the Privacy tab, then click on Advanced under Settings.

Choose whether you to accept or block first-party and third-party cookies.